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There he stood, on the edge of the cliff, looking down onto the ruins of the canyon, and feeling what the old memories brought. The wind, as cool as it where could not stop the rising heat of blood rushing to his face. His heart filled with anger, almost overwhelming him. He took a deep breath, enjoying the cool air as it filled his lungs. His arms extended, he felt the force flow though him like an emanation of energy more tuned then a viroblade. He absorbed it, called it, and harnessed it. It felt cold, full of power, hatred, and lust. So this is the dark side he thought. He felt it pang inside him as if it was trying to answer his conviction. He released his anger as his breath flooded out of his lips. Then, as the air changed direction, he pushed out the astringent darkness and savored the warm glow of the light. It wrapped around him like a warm blanket, comforting, as it was it could not stop the bitter flavor of what happened to this city so many years ago. They took his family, his friends it only took a second and they were gone. The blaster scorches were still on the buildings; inside he felt them, still warm. He would not forget the explosions, the screams of terror, and cries for help. His body trembled as if the shock waves were still there. Tears formed on his eyelids, he did not brush them away. Down they flowed like the blood shed that stained his soul. He closed his eyes made himself one with the force, in his spirit, and in his body, calming him, making some of the pain go away. He felt the force in his bones, strengthening them, making them as strong as the canyon rock he stood on thirty feet below the ground. He molded the force to his body, pushed the energy to his legs. He leaped, soaring high above the cliff. He flipped through the air as if he was a part of it. He felt like he was flying. He opened himself to force and landed softly onto the ground, the harsh desert landscape painted in the background. "Why have you come," said a harsh whisper. Alert, and with superior force speed he jumped into a combat stance with his lightsaber unconsciously in his hands.

"Show yourself," he spoke unafraid. "Who are you, Jedi" a second creature with a similar voice uttered. "That is none of your concern," he said in a powerful voice. He moved now, to where the voices were coming from, he saw shadows move behind him. It was starting to get dark, I have to get out of here, and soon, he thought. Out of the corner of his eye he saw more shadows move. Then it dawned on him They're surrounding me. He moved quickly, and tried to feel the creature's minds. "You move fast Jedi, trying to leave are you?" He felt as if there was some kind of orb around the creatures, but he couldn't determine where the orb was. "Jedi tricks don't help do they now, hm?" They sense when I'm using the force? He thought confused. "And we can read you, yes we can. And see you to." the first creature said.

Without warning he heard a blaster come out of its holster. Instantly, he ignited his lightsaber. Its piercing red flame ruptured the darkness; its glow showed the durasteel frame of one of the buildings with the symbols of the monsters that slaughtered the city's people. He heard breathing, behind him. He rotated around to where he heard the deep wheezing of air.

Then he saw it. The creature was almost funny. It was no taller than his waist, grinning like an idiot, it had large eyes, opaque in color. The creature's skin was tattooed with strange markings all over it, as if that was how its skin was supposed to look. One of the symbols was identical to the ones covering the walls. And it was pointing a blaster right in his face. Then it happened. Like in slow motion he saw more of the aliens jump from the damaged planks of steel, wielding virbo-axes. They charged him, the first shouting what sounded like orders to his clan-mates. These other aliens were twice as tall as the first one. Their commander's blaster started to spew out bolts of plasma, with the force the Jedi blocked the shots directing them to the first of the new comers. The bolt did the opposite of what it should have done, the creature seeing the bolt coming at him had moved a shoulder blade just enough so that the bolt had reflected off his exoskeleton! With mild surprise, he moved his lightsaber in time to parry the laser out of the area of the battle. He jumped over his attackers, having to slice an opponent's axe in the process. He turned swinging the saber in a beautiful but deadly flying arc, instantly removing half of the alien's body from its shoulder to its waist. He moved downward in the next cut slashing another in a graceful arc at the their leader, the move taking off the head of the trigger happy fool. He blocked an axe strike in a half circle parry, then before the axe-head touched the ground; he couched low and moved in another circle in the opposite direction. Another alien moved in but was caught by consternation as the saber flashed its side. Still in the circle he jumped to the left and sliced the axe less creature across the chest.

The move created a shower of sparks as it hit an exoskeleton plate creating a distraction for two of the aliens on the opposite sides of him. Then they swung what-would-be massive blows at his head, he ducked. They both groaned in protest, as their weapons crashed together massing energy waves that broke both the steel-heads. The Jedi rolled to the side throwing his saber in a spinning motion, which when it returned to his hand had the battle been decided. The last one flashed its body armor and charged. The warrior jumped, and landed his stomach in the Jedi's foot. The aliens mass shook the ground as it landed. It got up and charged again. This time landing its head on the rock behind the knight. "You couldn't do that!" it groaned it pain "Too fast..." it whispered as it fell out of consciousness.

He was a jedi. He was Shok Pindarian and he could do anything.
Chapter 1 The dust, soft below his feet, looked vast and seemed to never disappear. Blair's lightsaber clicked against his thigh as he strode down the cavern walkway, the planet's moons cold glow glistened against the frigid river below him. A creature's moaning dislodged the dark silence of the night, its echo repeating down the canyon walls, adding more sorrow to the twilight. He listened to force when it called him, he felt for the creature, the animal had lost its prey and had fallen into the murky water. He tuned out of the force and continued to saunter down the mountain. Soon he had arrived at his destination, the ship's repulsors humming in the background. Perimeter alarms started and faded when he approached the declining walkway. "Tychoro, I'm back." Blair said depressed "Trouble?' she called back from the ships cockpit. "Nothing I couldn't handle," he grinned.