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The GOTR battles take place on the Mircosoft Gaming Zone.( The GOTR fight the sith and dark side. Clans that dishonor the GOTR are also battled.

The Guardians fight with honor, and bravery aganist the dark side. We do not use cheats, hacks, or any other form of game-altering files. The clans defeated in the table were defeated fairly and with pride.

You can see our medals in the Awards section of the page. We have successfully defend and defeated sith clans that endanger the Republic. GOTR_Pindarian, our leader as often times gone to fight, against them, and in most encounters is outnumbered.

The GOTR take pride in our UNDEFEATED clan. Members of our clan are trained without limits and are the best of the best.

The GOTR has no allies, and is in need of none. Our warriors have stood the jedi test and have found the true force... the light side.

Warriors chosen to represent the GOTR are hand picked out of our ranks to do battle with the dark side


All clan battles are fought on the zone, we are UNDEFEATED but, if you think you can handle us request a challenge by e-mail, no clan is ever fought more than twice.
Score and names are all listed here
1 vs. 3
GOTR: 32 Dark Brotherhood: 26
fought by GOTR_Pindarian
GOTR: 30 Jedi Avengers: 12
fought by GOTR_Pindarian
1 vs. 2
GOTR: 42 Wolf Pack: 26
2 vs. 2
GOTR: 34 Darth: 29
fought by GOTR_Pindarian and GOTR_Thanatos
GOTR: 30 SITH: 24
fought by GOTR_Pindarian and GOTR_Ghostman
GOTR: 75 SITH: 63
fought by GOTR_Pindarian and GOTR_Hawkeye


For our website

For Battles and Tournaments we give awards to our members by voting for the person who deserves them.
Blue are the command icons. You may gain a command position if you are an exellent member of the clan, are a good jedi knight and if you work well with other members while fighting in clan battles. For every command icon you have, you can have one member in your battle squad. Which means you are responsible for a part of the clan! - one stripe for each rank: 1 - Commander 2 - Lieutenant 3 - Lt. Commander 4 - General Red is for acts of courage and bravery. - one stripe for each sepperate act you may get a badge if you: a. fight outnumbered b. fight in a tournament c. fight well in a clan battle Orange is for take part in clan events, meetings, and helping us create the website. You may get a badge for doing all of the above including: a. up hold our jedi code b. be an overall good member c. add things to our website like art, stories, or cool pictures you find on the internet. Green is for helping recruit new members to the GOTR, like all clans we need new members all the time, so for ever two members that you successfully recruit you gain a badge. If you continue to show that you can recruit members, you are also considered up for a promotion in command.