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The Guardians of the Republic is a Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 gaming clan that plays mostly on the zone ( There are many clans, but when you read our page I hope, that you, like our members see though the false clans that do not have anything to do with the spirit of Star Wars.

Our clan is free, fun, and always new. In fact our clan site is updated every two weeks. The GOTR is very interactive. There is a message board and chat room for our members. We have people from all kinds of countries like Canada and Korea.

Of all the clans I saw when I myself was new to the game, there weren't many that would let new players to their clans. I formed the GOTR when I became better, and now with my friends I have become an excellent player. Rookies are always welcome to the group and we teach our apprentices as often as they wish. Some would say that it is a waste of time. But I disagree, my padawans have become very good jedi knights and none of them have left the clan.