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Javen Roshard

"When you realize you know nothing, that is when you begin to learn."

Born on Coruscant during the last years of the Emperor's regime, Javen was a quick learner, cunning and seemed to be incredably lucky. After a horrible "accident" he was all alone in the galaxy, orphaned by the age of 10, before his family told him of his jedi herritage. He sooned learned the meaning of hardship. Forced to steal to earn a living, Javen soon found that he had unqiue powers; he was able to jump higher and run faster when he thought about it, and was able to think himself out of difficult situations. One night while braking in to a smuggler's ship he heard a voice begonning him. Alert but calm, Javen searched for the voice. It came from a glowing green cube with ancient symbols. He talked to it long enough to learn of the cube's gatekeeper Boda Bass, and that he himself was strong in a power known as the force. He raced to his dwelling with the cube safely in his pocket... For two years he learned about the warriors called jedi. Boda and the other jedi masters tought him how to make and defend himself with a lightsaber as well as the dangers of the darkside. Another two years of training went by... Then it happened. The jedi-hunters that murdered his parents had found him. In the battle he was lost again, with no home, no friends, and no holocron. Barely escaping he left for Malastaire a Jedi Knight at 16. The time his was there he fought and defeated the dark jedi Itat and left the planet at the age of twenty to go to Tatooine, a desert planet, to think and ponder about his purpose in life. There he finds a new beginning, friends, love, and the power of the force...


    A green lightsaber - dual phase