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As a member of the GOTR you also are entitled to a password which you can use to access our chat room and dicussion boards.


1. Please highlight the following questions.

What is your name?

What is you email

What is your character's name? GOTR_
Your character's background (detailed)?

2. Now, right click to copy.

3. Next, click here for the email form

4. Then right click again on the form to paste the questions, and anwser them!

Thanks for joining the GOTR, and welcome. You will resieve an actual email within a week from the GOTR leader (NOT an impersonal automated email message) thanking you for joining and answering your questions if you have any

As a member of the clan you will talk to other members, and establish a person-to-person relationship with us. As a fellow star wars fan I know that you will have a great time with us as a part of the GOTR family.

-Christopher Dzwonnik, A.K.A GOTR_Pindarian