MAY 9 2000

We have a new member! GOTR_Javen has offically joined the GOTR this week!

Jedi is holding their annual clan of the year tourny this week, one member from each clan will participate. I will be represent our clan, the other clans in the tourny are:

WP        EXAR     GOTR
DB        SITH              
LWJ       DJ
PAA       MAX

The above are the finalist, out of the hundreds of clans these are the chosen 10. The contest include level 4 force usage and lightsaber, as you well know I won't have a problem :)

So far, the sith are in the lead by 4 points, and if you remember correctly, the GOTR wasted them in a clan battle, and a rematch!

I belive that SITH_Lord is representing them, I have beaten him before and I am confident that I will do so this round,

Some advice from an old friend... It takes place May 9, at 8:30 CST Wish me luck!

It looks like the new Anakin Skywalker has been cast check it out at Star-Network

There is a new addition to the our website! The GOTR character profiles!

In here you show off your character's: background, your quote, character name, your character's picture, and the awards you have earned.

You can see what it's all about on:

For this week

Have you fought in a clan battle lately? If you have tell us the score and the clan you defeated. We will post it up, with your name, and you may be up for a promotion or medal. To ensure this, make sure you have a screenshot!!

If you want to fight in a clan battle, make sure to tell me! But if you think you can win, just challenge a clan on the zone.

So you like the profile idea? But need help finding a picture? Email me and I will find you some to choose from. Here is a sample of what I am looking for:

Don't forget to check in once in a while! Thats all for this week's edition of the Homing Beacon.

May the Force be with you! GOTR_Pindarian

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