June 6 2000

Greetings again everyone, as the leader of our clan, I have tried to challenge and befriend all of you. We have begun a new chapter in our clans continued glory. With our combined influence, we can turn the tables on the war of the clans, what I speak of is clan recruiting. Our clans position is clear, as the victor's of this years tourny of champions we have put ourselves in the inner circle. To continue our legacy we need to train others in our quest for glory. In these next few months, I want all of you to put some time in telling others of our unique group of players. This week is the start of our Legacy of The Force campaign. Each week I want each of you to try to recruit one or more people. The rewards for this are great. In fact, the Legacy of the Force campaign members YOU recruit will be apart YOUR team! Each team may have up to 4 members. YOU pick your teams NAME, YOU pick your teams SYMBOL, YOU ARE IN CHARGE!! For this is the will of the force....

I would like you to say hello to our newest members they are: GOTR_Milando GOTR_Adam GOTR_Arrow GOTR_Latino

New pictures are being added for the website.

I am expect you all to be in our chat room this Sunday, at 9:00 CST

Rember that you may need netscape to chat, if this is the case, then we will all meet in a Star Wars chat room of our choice.

Do you like our website? What would you change? Please give me feed back! Tychoro@yahoo.com

I am thinking about making a new advanced vison of the website for our clan. Tell me what you like about the old one so I know what to leave alone. What do you think?

This months motto: You only begin to learn when you realize you know nothing

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